This weekend is Folkestone's Open Quarter!

Friday 16 - Sun 18 June is Folkestone's annual Open Quarter.
We'll have special offers in store, extended opening hours (until 8pm) on Saturday and the chance to **win a limited edition print worth £195** (you can buy raffle tickets for £2 each).

In addition, we are offering the opportunity for you to anonymously share your feelings (about whatever!) and potentially see them on the background of a new neon artwork named "Sign of The Times" (which will be on show during the Triennial). Pop in and fill in the special "feel" cards. To ensure that you remain anonymous you can post them in the postbox in store. We have no interest in checking or trying to work out who wrote what - as with my neon "The Closet", these things work best when people feel free to be honest.

We'll also have refreshments on Saturday afternoon for our "mingle" event. 

Coming soon: Folkestone's Open Quarter (16-18 June)

Friday 16 - Sun 18 June see's Folkestone's annual Open Quarter event. We are participating in the event through the weekend and also during the afternoon of Saturday 17 June will host a "mingle" in the gallery - another chance to meet some of our artists and makers (basically we just like having launch parties so are doing another one). Sat 17 June 1pm - 7pm.

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Throughout the Open Quarter weekend, we'll be showcasing the work of a number of artists and designers as usual plus we have a special Open Quarter artwork event where we are inviting members of the public to anonymously fill in a card telling us how they are feeling and why....some of the contributions will be selected to form the background text to a new piece by gallery owner, Rebecca Mason. The neon word over the top is "feel", a concept integral to the work in the gallery and indeed, the name, "Sentient", of the gallery itself.

We will also be leaving the cards and post boxes in other selected Folkestone locations, to capture people in different circumstances and areas of the town!

See more info on Folkestone's Open Quarter here:

Dogs and children welcome in Sentient.