W E / A R E / M O V I N G

Hello! We will be fully closed from 31 Dec 2018 to mid January (and only sporadically open 28-30 Dec) as we relocate to new premises again. Our online shop will remain open throughout with internet orders handled daily as usual.


Our new premises will be in a space which is not currently a shop - we are converting a studio on the Old High Street in Folkestone into a shop.

The space is a basement which has its own off street entrance.


We will reopen mid to late Jan. Actual date TBC but expect around 19 Jan. The space will aim to be open 3 weekends per month, other days as and when and the rest by appointment only,


There are a number of reasons which I will cover here in more detail when I have time. In summary, I find the shop does well at weekends and is successful but weekdays are usually very quiet - this wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t also have to be elsewhere during the week (eg making items, moving them to and from shows/exhibitions, private views, clients, handling online orders, posting, deliveries, accounts etc - I sell my work through a number of galleries and online platforms too) but presently I also open Thurs and Fridays in addition to weekends so I am at least open and consistent. However, this is not a good use of my time, nor does it make business sense, to just sit in a quiet shop on Thurs and Fri when I could be doing something else that is better for the business as a whole. I have run the current model in Folkestone for two years now and, based on this experience, it makes sense to be open weekends and then only by appointment the rest of the week (or more flexibly). As Thur/Fri tend to be quiet days it isn’t viable for me to pay someone to cover those days.

In addition, given the nature of the Old High Street and regeneration work so fundamental to the heart of the Creative Quarter, it would not be fair on others wanting retail space nor on the street as a whole if I opened weekends only in my current space so I decided to find a space where a weekend only model would work better - this means a space that isnt currently a shop but is still along the OHS. That way, another business that can be there more and one which is less of a weekend sales - only focused model/product can use the current shop space I occupy at 56-58 - this is better for the street as a whole too.

Added to the fact I also now rent an out of town unit for my equipment etc and need to be there, it makes more sense to have a different space around the OHS that I don’t physically need to be in as much or as rigidly. Plus, I would quite like to take a weekend off (or some weekends off) now and then but the current model of rigidly sticking to the shop thurs - sun then doing all the rest (my artwork, making, moving items, installs, handling all internet orders for both my websites, meetings, accounts etc etc) mon/wed leaves me with no time off at all - I’ve done that for two years and it is not a sustainable model.


The set up will be similar to that we have already i.e. the space will function as a shop and a space I can design pieces plus put pieces together (drilling, wiring etc) and the remaining work will be off site in another space I have on the outskirts of Folkestone which is more suited to the creation process.