Sentient visited Banksy's new work in Dover

We popped along to Dover (just one stop from Folkestone on the train, an eleven minute journey which runs past the sea - it's a beautiful hop on the train).

Banksy chose a great spot for this piece. The ferries are over to the right, just out of shot here. I hadn't appreciated the cracks running through the piece (emanating from the star being chiselled away) nor the relatively 3d nature of the ladder until I saw it close up. 

To be honest, I don't see this piece as controversial. It's factual that one country is leaving. The work doesn't actually opine on whether Brexit is good or bad, it just reflects that one country is leaving and that shows a crack in the union (compared with when we were a member with no Brexit referendum result). Does that mean the work is saying Brexit is a bad thing? If you're anti Europe then cracks could be a good thing? I personally think it can be interpreted either way (irrespective of what I like to think Banksy's views probably are and my own personal view on Brexit being insane).