Beautiful gift from Kent based glass engraver, Trinia Stenson Walker!

Just as I was setting up for the opening on Saturday I was surprised by some early visitors bearing gifts!

Trinia Stenson Walker and her partner Steve, who I met in store not long after opening and who bought work from the gallery, had brought me a lovely surprise gift - a large mirror engraved by Trinia which took over 9 days to produce (a lot of work!) and is about Sentient and various themes and phrases in my art work. It was a really kind and thoughtful present. See photos below for the level of detail or follow Trinia's instagram (@triniasglassengraving) feed to see the stage by stage process she undertakes to create her detailed glass work.

Trinia is available for commissions (perfect at this time of year with wedding season coming up). If you wish to commission Trinia to do some bespoke glass engraving for you, or if you fancy a lesson with her, you can reach her at the following: