Winter opening hours

Hello all

Just a quick note to say opening hours are changing, effective immediately (from 23 October 2017). I will update the coloured chart asap.

Opening hours are now

mon/tue/wed ; by appt only (as before) - i am often in on at least one of these days for a couple of hours as have work and stock to handle.

thurs/fri/sat/sun: 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm (i.e. change from 11am-5pm)

This is to allow me to take Jarvis away from the gallery between 1pm and 2pm and also run any errands (posting orders from earlier that day/the previous evening, picking up supplies etc) which all need to be done minus the dog. As i usually have him with me on the walk on the way in, during the whole day and on the walk home I struggle to find time to pop into shops to grab supplies I need for my artwork/the shop and to post out the internet orders as dogs are not allowed in any of these places so I get a bit stuck. It is easier to walk him home/drop him off with someone, get errands done and then return 2-5pm without him (i get a lot more done without him around too, and sometimes it is not practical to have him in the gallery whilst I am working on pieces/wrapping prints etc). He's getting a bit bored now he's a teenager but tends not to sleep in the gallery as there are lots of people he just has to say hello to - it is easier to give him a few hours away to snooze with his cat buddies.