W E / A R E / M O V I N G

Hello! We will be fully closed from 31 Dec 2018 to mid January (and only sporadically open 28-30 Dec) as we relocate to new premises again. Our online shop will remain open throughout with internet orders handled daily as usual.


Our new premises will be in a space which is not currently a shop - we are converting a studio on the Old High Street in Folkestone into a shop.

The space is a basement which has its own off street entrance.


We will reopen mid to late Jan. Actual date TBC but expect around 19 Jan. The space will aim to be open 3 weekends per month, other days as and when and the rest by appointment only,


There are a number of reasons which I will cover here in more detail when I have time. In summary, I find the shop does well at weekends and is successful but weekdays are usually very quiet - this wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t also have to be elsewhere during the week (eg making items, moving them to and from shows/exhibitions, private views, clients, handling online orders, posting, deliveries, accounts etc - I sell my work through a number of galleries and online platforms too) but presently I also open Thurs and Fridays in addition to weekends so I am at least open and consistent. However, this is not a good use of my time, nor does it make business sense, to just sit in a quiet shop on Thurs and Fri when I could be doing something else that is better for the business as a whole. I have run the current model in Folkestone for two years now and, based on this experience, it makes sense to be open weekends and then only by appointment the rest of the week (or more flexibly). As Thur/Fri tend to be quiet days it isn’t viable for me to pay someone to cover those days.

In addition, given the nature of the Old High Street and regeneration work so fundamental to the heart of the Creative Quarter, it would not be fair on others wanting retail space nor on the street as a whole if I opened weekends only in my current space so I decided to find a space where a weekend only model would work better - this means a space that isnt currently a shop but is still along the OHS. That way, another business that can be there more and one which is less of a weekend sales - only focused model/product can use the current shop space I occupy at 56-58 - this is better for the street as a whole too.

Added to the fact I also now rent an out of town unit for my equipment etc and need to be there, it makes more sense to have a different space around the OHS that I don’t physically need to be in as much or as rigidly. Plus, I would quite like to take a weekend off (or some weekends off) now and then but the current model of rigidly sticking to the shop thurs - sun then doing all the rest (my artwork, making, moving items, installs, handling all internet orders for both my websites, meetings, accounts etc etc) mon/wed leaves me with no time off at all - I’ve done that for two years and it is not a sustainable model.


The set up will be similar to that we have already i.e. the space will function as a shop and a space I can design pieces plus put pieces together (drilling, wiring etc) and the remaining work will be off site in another space I have on the outskirts of Folkestone which is more suited to the creation process.

N E W / G A L L E R Y / N O W / O P E N

Just a quick note to say our new gallery shop multispace thingy is now open following our move across the street. Here are a few photos though as you can see there is a lot to finish off., so please forgive the mess etc! New artists' work coming in soon, some awaiting hanging plus we have new jewellery ranges from Lisa Angel jewellery and new jewellery from existing fave, Esa Evans!


Web shop: 24 hours
(local pick up option available during physical shop open hours)

MON/TUE/WED: By appointment only.
Please text message 07577365034/07957997420 or email to make an appointment.

THURS/FRI/SAT:  10am - 1pm. 2pm - 5pm  
(dog is walked between 1pm and 2pm)

SUN: 11am - 4pm      Insta: @sentientroom     F: sentientfolkestone     07577365034/07957997420

W E / A R E / M O V I N G

Happy new year!

Just a quick note to say we are moving our physical gallery from 67, The Old High Street, Folkestone to 56-58, The Old High Street, Folkestone...yes, we are moving across the street! We will reopen at the new venue on 24 Jan.

In the interim, you can purchase items online and we can post out to you, or we will deliver by hand for no extra charge if you live within a 1 mile radius of the gallery at CT20 1RN. We are also happy to pop down for appointment only openings (although apologise for the mess!) if you need to pop in to view/purchase items before we reopen. Contact us via to arrange an appointment.

See you on 24th! We are very excited!

Winter opening hours

Hello all

Just a quick note to say opening hours are changing, effective immediately (from 23 October 2017). I will update the coloured chart asap.

Opening hours are now

mon/tue/wed ; by appt only (as before) - i am often in on at least one of these days for a couple of hours as have work and stock to handle.

thurs/fri/sat/sun: 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm (i.e. change from 11am-5pm)

This is to allow me to take Jarvis away from the gallery between 1pm and 2pm and also run any errands (posting orders from earlier that day/the previous evening, picking up supplies etc) which all need to be done minus the dog. As i usually have him with me on the walk on the way in, during the whole day and on the walk home I struggle to find time to pop into shops to grab supplies I need for my artwork/the shop and to post out the internet orders as dogs are not allowed in any of these places so I get a bit stuck. It is easier to walk him home/drop him off with someone, get errands done and then return 2-5pm without him (i get a lot more done without him around too, and sometimes it is not practical to have him in the gallery whilst I am working on pieces/wrapping prints etc). He's getting a bit bored now he's a teenager but tends not to sleep in the gallery as there are lots of people he just has to say hello to - it is easier to give him a few hours away to snooze with his cat buddies.


Here's our list of Open Quarter special things in store (not available online).





(tickets are £2 each - profits will go to a local charity -
suggestions are welcome as to which one)


We are collecting your feelings and reasons for feeling the way you do (about anything!) to include on the back of a new neon artwork. The piece will be in the same style as Rebecca Mason’s usual text based work. The neon word over the top is “feel” - there is a temporary version in the window of Sentient. Once we have all the visitor feelings the neon will be taken off the board and the light will eventually be added to the final artwork background.  

Pop in and complete an anonymous “FEEL” card outlining your current feelings (about anything!) and why. Then post the card in the special postbox in store or through the Sentient (67, The Old High Street) letterbox.  We won’ be reading them all until the end of the weekend so you can be assured we won’t try to work out who wrote what! Rebecca will choose a selection of the feelings and reasons shared and include them on her “Sign Of The Times” neon exhibited at Sentient during the Triennial (Sept - Nov 2017).           67, The Old High Street, Folkestone CT20 1RN

Opening hours during Open Quarter are slightly longer than usual:

Friday 16 11am - 6.30pm
Sat 17 11am - 8pm (plus our Mingle event runs during this afternoon with refreshments)
Sun 18 11am - 6pm


This weekend is Folkestone's Open Quarter!

Friday 16 - Sun 18 June is Folkestone's annual Open Quarter.
We'll have special offers in store, extended opening hours (until 8pm) on Saturday and the chance to **win a limited edition print worth £195** (you can buy raffle tickets for £2 each).

In addition, we are offering the opportunity for you to anonymously share your feelings (about whatever!) and potentially see them on the background of a new neon artwork named "Sign of The Times" (which will be on show during the Triennial). Pop in and fill in the special "feel" cards. To ensure that you remain anonymous you can post them in the postbox in store. We have no interest in checking or trying to work out who wrote what - as with my neon "The Closet", these things work best when people feel free to be honest.

We'll also have refreshments on Saturday afternoon for our "mingle" event. 

Sentient visited Banksy's new work in Dover

We popped along to Dover (just one stop from Folkestone on the train, an eleven minute journey which runs past the sea - it's a beautiful hop on the train).

Banksy chose a great spot for this piece. The ferries are over to the right, just out of shot here. I hadn't appreciated the cracks running through the piece (emanating from the star being chiselled away) nor the relatively 3d nature of the ladder until I saw it close up. 

To be honest, I don't see this piece as controversial. It's factual that one country is leaving. The work doesn't actually opine on whether Brexit is good or bad, it just reflects that one country is leaving and that shows a crack in the union (compared with when we were a member with no Brexit referendum result). Does that mean the work is saying Brexit is a bad thing? If you're anti Europe then cracks could be a good thing? I personally think it can be interpreted either way (irrespective of what I like to think Banksy's views probably are and my own personal view on Brexit being insane).

Coming soon: Folkestone's Open Quarter (16-18 June)

Friday 16 - Sun 18 June see's Folkestone's annual Open Quarter event. We are participating in the event through the weekend and also during the afternoon of Saturday 17 June will host a "mingle" in the gallery - another chance to meet some of our artists and makers (basically we just like having launch parties so are doing another one). Sat 17 June 1pm - 7pm.

Join our "mingle" event facebook group here:

Throughout the Open Quarter weekend, we'll be showcasing the work of a number of artists and designers as usual plus we have a special Open Quarter artwork event where we are inviting members of the public to anonymously fill in a card telling us how they are feeling and why....some of the contributions will be selected to form the background text to a new piece by gallery owner, Rebecca Mason. The neon word over the top is "feel", a concept integral to the work in the gallery and indeed, the name, "Sentient", of the gallery itself.

We will also be leaving the cards and post boxes in other selected Folkestone locations, to capture people in different circumstances and areas of the town!

See more info on Folkestone's Open Quarter here:

Dogs and children welcome in Sentient.

Beautiful gift from Kent based glass engraver, Trinia Stenson Walker!

Just as I was setting up for the opening on Saturday I was surprised by some early visitors bearing gifts!

Trinia Stenson Walker and her partner Steve, who I met in store not long after opening and who bought work from the gallery, had brought me a lovely surprise gift - a large mirror engraved by Trinia which took over 9 days to produce (a lot of work!) and is about Sentient and various themes and phrases in my art work. It was a really kind and thoughtful present. See photos below for the level of detail or follow Trinia's instagram (@triniasglassengraving) feed to see the stage by stage process she undertakes to create her detailed glass work.

Trinia is available for commissions (perfect at this time of year with wedding season coming up). If you wish to commission Trinia to do some bespoke glass engraving for you, or if you fancy a lesson with her, you can reach her at the following:

Sentient Launch Party! Saturday 29 April - Folkestone

Huge thanks to everyone who came along to our launch party on Saturday 29th April! It was fab to see familiar and new faces. We had a great day and are super grateful for all the support. Unfortunately I didn't get time to take many photos but here are a few! If anyone else has any good ones do send them in!

COMING SOON: Meet The Maker

We are going to bring you a monthly post including an interview with one of our artists/designers/makers so you can get to hear a little more about them, their work, process and latest projects. These will also be included on our newsletter - if you want to receive the email newsletter (1-2x per month max) go to our "sign up" page and insert your email address so you can be added to our mailing list.

Upcoming exhibition: Brains & Lip Takeover at CNB Gallery, Shoreditch

Looking forward to this show at the well known CNB Gallery at Tramshed, Shoreditch (you know, the one with Damien Hirst's cow) including three of our Sentient exhibiting artists, Karina Akopyan, Jess De Wahls and Rebecca Mason amongst others.  Find more info on their facebook page:

Launches 24 April.

Online shop now live

What better way to start off the blog by posting to confirm that the website and shop are both now live, on the very website that has just gone live. How meta. Or stupid. Anyway, we are on t'interweb!