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Please note, the physical shop in Folkestone has to be closed on Thur 1 Nov due to having an urgent order to sort out in London (which would have been done today but delivery know how it happens with the urgent stuff!). Apologies. Back on Fri at 11am as usual.


Might be worth me pointing out now that due to some exhibitions I am in that are coming up in Nov, I am going to have to close on a couple of my usual open days later this month (TBD, but expect at least one thurs and one fri to be closed, almost certainly one or both of November 15 and 16) due to having to be up setting up/taking down/moving around and doing work/ going to the launches etc. Apologies in advance, I sadly can't do the shop and these things at the same time, but Thursdays and Fridays are generally quieter anyway so hopefully this doesn't cause problems.

The shop is also unlikely to be open the night of the Christmas light switch on (Fri 16th Nov) as I have prior commitments with work in two exhibitions launching that night so need to be at both of those shows in London too. Due to the fragile nature of the contents of the shop and how busy the street gets that night, I am not comfortable having someone else cover the shop.

As always, I also announce any opening/closing variations on the website